Do you know the origins of the word “Journal”?

book-146937_1280The word “Journal” comes from the Old French word “jornel” which means:  a day; a day’s travel or work.

Maybe this is why I like my dailies so much – the means by which I break big goals into jobs that can be achieved in a day!

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How to Organise Time: My journey into the Bullet Journal

How I became a Bullet Journal Junkie – and why I’m sticking with it

I’m a bad juggler (literally and metaphorically)!  Lots of different projects on the go at the same time with different priorities often leading to feelings of not knowing where to start or where to place my focus.  The result – lots of time spent pondering and procrastinating over what to do and not enough time actually doing!

Bullet Journal NotebookI’ve tried outlook calendars. Google calendars, digital notebooks, project management tools but they have all gone the same way – NOWHERE!  After an initial flurry of enthusiasm, I’d very soon lose interest – they just seemed too impersonal, and whatever tool I was using, it never seemed to completely do what I needed it to.  I would have to adapt to fit the tool rather than having a tool that did exactly what I needed it to.  The only product that has consistently worked for me is my paper diary – but I needed something more. Continue reading “How to Organise Time: My journey into the Bullet Journal”