Hi, I’m Melanie.  I’m a Trainer, Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, lover of all things personal development related and a bullet journal junkie!

I always have lots of projects on the go, so I need to be organised, but I could never find a system that really worked for me.  I’ve tried outlook calendars. Google calendars, digital notebooks, project management tools but they have all gone the same way – NOWHERE!  After an initial flurry of enthusiasm, I’d very soon lose interest – they just seemed too impersonal, and whatever tool I was using, it never seemed to completely do what I needed it to.  I would have to adapt to fit the tool rather than having a tool that did exactly what I needed it to.  The only product that has consistently worked for me is my paper diary – but I needed something more.

I also make lots of notes, jot down ideas and plan things on paper an in notebooks.  I have notebooks with collections of quotations and notes taken on courses I have attended.  I’m not ashamed to say I PREFER the interaction of pen with paper over the endless tapping of keys on a keyboard.  The problem has been finding what I am looking for when I need it.

By chance, I came across a post on social media extolling the virtues of the Bullet Journal system – the simplicity of it, combined with its ability to bring structure and organisation to chaos intrigued me sufficiently to give it a go – and I haven’t looked back.  I am now more organised, I enjoy the planning process, I am celebrating success daily and my creativity is way up!

This blog is just a way for me to share what started as a chore, and has now turned into a real passion.


p.s. you can find out more about me and what I do here:  The Life Coaching Centre