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Confused? That means you are Learning!

WP_20160815_007Starting out with a Bullet Journal can seem confusing – so many YouTube videos to watch, Facebook Groups to visit and Pinterest Boards to pore over…

When we are confused, that often leads to giving up or becoming disheartened.  But what if it is not confusion you are experiencing, but learning?  Think about it, has there ever been a time in your life when you have learned something new and haven’t been confused?  Maybe learning to ride a bike, or drive, or learning a second language, or anything that you are now able to do without thinking.

The difference between skills you have acquired and those you haven’t is wanting them, and perseverance.  Bullet Journaling is the same – be clear about the benefits to you personally (have a clear answer to the “why bother? question) and commit to the process of trial and error (learning).  You may need to make some course adjustments along the way but at least this way you’ll be enjoying the journey!


via Daily Prompt: Confused


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